Enable your site

Do you have existing online photo gallery or media-rich website? Do you want to unleash the awesomeness of your media to millions of users who have the Cooliris plugin installed on their browser? This section will tell you how.

What visitors to your site will experience:

  • Visitors who have the Cooliris plugin enabled on their browser can choose to view and navigate media on your site within the stunning Cooliris browser plugin interface. A Cooliris icon will appear above enabled items on your site when users mouseover them. Clicking the icon will launch Cooliris so users can easily scroll, view, zoom, and enjoy your content.
  • Visitors without the Cooliris plugin will continue to see and browse your website normally. No Cooliris icon will appear.

Enabling your site for the Cooliris plugin is easy.

You need only complete three basic steps:

  1. Create a Media RSS feed, which tells Cooliris what and how to display your media.
  2. Upload the Media RSS feed to your web server.
  3. Place the code highlighted below in the <head> of the page you'd like to view in Cooliris to enable RSS Autodiscovery. Note that the href should specify the address (relative or absolute) of your RSS feed:
        <link rel="alternate" href="photos.rss" 
           type="application/rss+xml" title="" id="gallery" />