Reference Library

The embeddable wall has been built with customization in mind. Below you'll find a guide to different ways you can enhance the wall and make it your own.


FlashVars allow you to change attributes of the wall, including background image, color, row count, metadata display, and many others.


Javascript APIs provide a powerful way to allow your embeddable wall to interact with other HTML elements on the page, display information outside the wall environment, or even control the wall from the page.

Media RSS

Media RSS feeds give you the most flexible means to control what and how content should display on your Cooliris Wall. For any particular item in your wall, Media RSS lets you define the media item's source, display dimensions, metadata, link out URL, and much more.

Media Site APIs

Media Site APIs make it easy for your display from public feeds from Flickr and Picasa, and others, all by user name, search term, album, or group.