Below are list of flashvars you can use to customize the Cooliris Wall on your site.

Animation (beta)

intro - string (appear | zoomIn | scrollLeft)

Choose a different intro animation, instead of the default swinging left.

introMovie - URL to a SWF

Points to a pre-roll SWF animation.
When your intro SWF is done, it must call our SWF's introCompleted() function (by invoking root.parent["introCompleted"]();)

itemGUID - string

Automatically select this item if the GUID is in the first feed we load.


backgroundAlpha - 0.0 to 1.0

Changes background transparency (not well supported on IE).
To change the backgroundAlpha, you must set the FlashVar "wmode" to "transparent". You can change the alpha and color together.

backgroundColor - Hexadecimal Color String

backgroundImage - URL

Specifies a background image for the wall.
The background image can be a PNG, GIF, or JPG. The background image covers the background color.

BackgroundMusic - URL

Specifies background music to play.
defaultVolume - 0 to 100

Chrome Settings

Custom button - imageURL,targetURL

Adds a custom button in the lower right corner of the toolbar.

showEmbed - true | false

Shows or hides the Embed Code button.

showSearch - true | false

Shows or hides the Search button.

showTutorial - true | false

Shows a tutorial message, if set to true, when the user does not click on the wall. By default, the tutorial message says "Click and Drag to Begin", and will display after a few seconds of no interaction. This can be customized with the tutorial FlashVar.

showNavArrows - true | false

Shows or hides the left/right navigation arrows.

showChrome - true | false

Shows or hides the bottom toolbar background.

numRows - 1 to 7

Sets how many rows of images to show in the user interface.
As you show more rows, the wall is more CPU intensive and may run slower for older computers.

style - black | dark | light | white

Sets the theme to use for the wall.
This sets up different default background colors and button appearances.

tilt - 0 to 5

Sets the amount of wall tilt (disables by setting it to 0).

tutorial - delayInMillis,imageURL

Customizes the tutorial message and delay.
You can designate your own tutorial message (as an image file). For example, tutorial=4500,images/tutorial.png will show the designed PNG in 4.5 seonds, unless the user starts interacting with the wall.

Content display settings

glowColor - Hexadecimal Color String

Changes the color of the glow around the selected cell (Default is white).
Though you can specified the color with HTML color formats (#FFFFFF or #FFF), it's better to use a hexidecimal number (0xFFFFFF). If you are setting the FlashVars in the SWF's URL and using HTML color format, you must escape the # character as %23.

itemGUID - string

Sets the initially-selected item when the wall loads.
The wall automatically selects an item in a Media RSS feed with the <guid> </guid> that matches the provided identifier. This enables you to provide "permalinks" to a particular item in the wall. Note that the desired item must be present in the initial feed loaded by the wall (it can't be in a next/previous feed).

linkCSS - string

A CSS string to be applied to any HTML links in item descriptions.

showDescription - true | false

Shows or hides the item description overlay.

showReflections - true | false

Shows or hides the reflections under the images.

cellBorder - number (default=0)

Adds a White Border to each thumbnail.

cellContainerAlpha - 0.0 to 1.0

Tweak the transparency of tiles that contain no content.

cellWidth - number (default=430)

Customize the width of the cell in which images are displayed.

cellHeight - number (default=300)

Customize the height of the cell container.

cellSpacingX - number (e.g., 0.18)

Spaces the cells out horizontally.
This number is a fraction of the cellWidth (e.g., 0.18 == 18% of cellWidth).

cellSpacingY - number (e.g., 0.33)

Spaces the cells out vertically.
This number is a fraction of the cellHeight.

Feed Settings


The main flashvar that specifies which feed to load.

Text Settings

font - string

Choose a different font for the interface.
Simply choose a name that you expect users to have (e.g., Georgia).