These tools can save you time and make developing for Cooliris easier.

Cooliris Express

Cooliris Express makes it easy to post a Cooliris Wall to your blog or website in seconds. Our online wizard is perfect if you don't know HTML or if you simply want a fast way to create the basic code for your wall, and then add advanced customization later.

Want to import an existing Cooliris Wall into Cooliris Express for easy updating? No problem. Just use our Import Wall tool and you'll be all set.

Feed Encoder

If your feed URL contains an ampersand (&), it absolutely must be encoded. Otherwise, Adobe Flash will break up the feed address into multiple parts, and the Cooliris Wall not be able to find your photos. Our tool below makes it easy for you to encode your feed URLs.

Simply type in your URL, such as the first one above, and the encoded text will display.

Type in text above, and the encoded text will display here

Third-party tools

Feed Validator

Feed Validator is an online tool that is indepensible for making sure your Media RSS works smoothly in the Cooliris Wall. The validator checks your Media RSS feed for format, syntax, escaped characters, and more. We highly recommend you validator your Media RSS feed, as malformed feeds are the primary reason why content does not appear on your wall.