Your Face on the JumboTron!

  • Go to an upcoming KISS concert
  • Take pictures with LiveShare
  • See them show up on the JumboTron

Introducing Liveshare by Cooliris.

Take pictures at KISS concerts and see them stream onto the JumboTron! Just pick the concert that you're at from our list in the app, start snapping pictures, and Liveshare will do the rest. Everyone in the audience will see your photos on the big screen!

Photo highlights will also be displayed on the KISS website. Relive the best moments of the concert through the embeddable Cooliris 3D Wall on the KISS website.

This application is brought to you by Cooliris in conjunction with Live Nation® at KISS concerts. More events will be coming soon!

It's so easy.

  1. Download the free app from iTunes or Android Market.
  2. Open the application.
  3. Select the concert or event you would like to join.
  4. Snap a photo with Liveshare.
  5. See everyone's photos on the JumboTron, in Liveshare on your phone, or on the KISS website.

Coming soon!

Liveshare will be updated with cool new features and more events very soon!

Cooliris is working with Riot House to bring the Liveshare experience to KISS concerts.

If you are interested in using Liveshare at your events, please contact us.