Where can I get Cooliris?
Cooliris is available for free on iPhone and iPad from the App Store.
What photos can I enjoy in Cooliris?
With Cooliris, you can seamlessly browse photos from your iPad, iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Twitter, Renren, Yandex.fotki, Google+, Google Drive, Google Search and Dropbox. Cooliris also lets you endlessly explore photos from Facebook friends, Instagram followers, and Flickr contacts, as well as share photos among friends.
Can I share and save photos?
Yes. You can share photos to private group conversations within Cooliris or selectively post them to Facebook. You can also save your photos to your Camera Roll, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  1. Tap the source you want to share or save photos from.
  2. Touch and hold the photo(s) you want.
  3. Tap Share or Save at the top right menu.
Can I share with anyone, even those without Cooliris?
Yes. The beauty of Cooliris is that you can share with anyone you choose. Even if your friends don’t have Cooliris, they will still be able to experience group conversations through the web and email, complete with photos and text. And, of course, you can also post any photo to Facebook.
How do I access photos or contacts saved on my device?
To see photos from the camera roll or library on your device, tap the camera icon in group view or Photos from the home screen. To see your contact list, tap the [+] icon when composing a message. Apple requires Cooliris to get permission from you to access those files. To do so on iOS 5, go to your device settings > Location Services. On iOS 6, go to your device settings > Privacy, and the tap the relevant permissions, Photos or Contacts.
Why do I need to enable location services to view my photos?
Cooliris uses the newer multi-photo selection feature offered by iPad and iPhone. On iOS 5, your device requires all apps with this feature to have permission for location services in order to display or upload photos from your camera roll since your photos may already contain location information. To turn on location services for Cooliris:
  1. Exit Cooliris completely.
  2. Go to your device settings.
  3. Tap Location Services.
  4. Find Cooliris and toggle on location services.
  5. Restart Cooliris.
How do I see photos and contacts from my Facebook account?
To see photos from Facebook, login into Facebook from the main page of Cooliris or tap your user profile and add Facebook to your account. You'll need to accept the Facebook permissions request when prompted. If you accidentally disallowed permission within that prompt, take the following steps:
  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Scroll down, find and select the tab for Facebook.
  3. Find the Cooliris tab and make sure it is switched to On.
If you're still having trouble connecting with Facebook, make sure to check your device is connected to the internet and then try exiting the app completely and restarting it. You can also remove and reinstall Cooliris. If none of this works, please contact our team via the email account printed at the bottom of this page.
How do I comment or like photos from Instagram or Facebook?
Cooliris makes it easy to comment or like photos in Facebook or Instagram. Just tap the share icon associated with the photo. Then, tap the Like button to like the photo, or tap Open in Facebook (or Instagram) to jump out to the corresponding webpage where you can comment.
Why is Google Image Search displaying only a limited number of images?
Cooliris uses the official Google Image Search API provided by Google, which allows a maximum of 64 results. The Google API does not give developers, including Cooliris, a way to get more results.
How do I fully take advantage of Google Drive in the Cooliris app?
Google Drive integration on Cooliris is awesome. You can share images between Google Drive and other photo sources. To upload photos from your PC or Mac, just drag and drop photos to Google Drive in your browser via your Gmail account, or download and install Google Drive on your desktop.
How do I merge two Cooliris accounts?
Suppose you logged into Cooliris with Facebook and then later logged in by creating an account with your email address. You'd end up with two Cooliris accounts. While Cooliris does not yet provide an interface to merge accounts, there is a workaround to link them together.
  1. Log into Cooliris with Facebook.
  2. Go to user settings > "Add Another Email".
  3. Enter the email address used in your other account but include "+1" just before the & sign. For example, enter "" instead of "".
  4. Tap "Facebook" in user settings > "Remove Facebook".
  5. (Optional) Share Cooliris groups to your real email address, "".
  6. Log out of Cooliris and then sign in with your real email address, "".
  7. Tap "Facebook" to complete the merge.
Regarding the optional Step 5 above, linking account IDs does not merge content shared into Cooliris groups. So before you log out of your Cooliris account with Facebook, you'll need to invite your email account to any existing groups you wish to keep. Tap the members icon of any group, and then add your unmodified email address, i.e. "".
How do I delete a group?
Cooliris works a lot like email. Once a group is created and shared, it becomes a "living document" among all participants and cannot be deleted. However, you can hide any group that has a title description. To do so:
  1. Tap the members icon at the top right of the group you wish to hide.
  2. Swipe to the bottom of the menu that appears and tap Leave Group.
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