Where can I get Cooliris?
Cooliris is available for free on Android from Google Play and on iPhone/iPad from the iTunes App Store.
What photos can I enjoy in Cooliris?
With Cooliris, you can seamlessly browse photos from your mobile device, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Twitter, Renren, Yandex.fotki, Google+, Google Drive, and more. Cooliris also lets you endlessly explore photos from Facebook friends, Instagram followers, and Flickr contacts.
How do I access photos saved on my device?
To see photos saved on your mobile device, tap Gallery or Photos from the home screen of the Cooliris app. On iOS, Apple requires Cooliris to get permission from you to access those files. To do so, go to your device Settings > Privacy > Photos.
How do I comment or like photos from Instagram or Facebook?
Cooliris makes it easy to comment or like photos in Facebook or Instagram. Just tap the share icon associated with the photo. Then, tap the Like button to like the photo, or tap Open in Facebook (or Instagram) to jump out to the corresponding webpage where you can comment.
(iOS only) Why is Google Image Search displaying only a limited number of images?
Cooliris uses the official Google Image Search API provided by Google, which allows a maximum of 64 results. The Google API does not give developers, including Cooliris, a way to get more results.
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